General Administration

General Administration Workload

1. Register and transfer official letters of Personnel Division.
2. Control the registration and keep both internal and external official documents.
3. Send orders to external agencies and internal official circular letters.
4. Propose official letters and documents to administrators to be considered and ordered.
5. Prepare and submit orders, announcements, and other official documents; and categorize official documents. 
6. Issue certificates.
7. Survey, procure, and control parcels and durable articles of Personnel Division.
8. Take a note and prepare a proceeding of each meeting for Personnel Division. 
9. Request to set income budgeting and control the use of funds or incomes of Personnel Division.
10. Conduct meetings for welfare committees of university personnel.
11. Create a welfare database for the university.
12. Examine time records of officers.
13. Prepare statistics of leaves of officers.
14. Coordinate with financial institutes regarding loan welfare of personnel.