Work System and Manpower Development

Work System and Manpower Development Workload

1. Improve the personnel management structure within the university.
2. Prepare the manpower framework of the university according to government policies.
3. Determine all types of personnel, university position standards, workload qualifications, and responsibilities.
4. Prepare and improve rules/procedures/regulations for the use in personnel management.
5. Prepare an evaluation system to evaluate the performance of the university personnel. 
6. Prepare criteria and methods to evaluate salary of the university personnel.
7. Create and improve the university personnel database.
8. Create and develop the website of Personnel Division.
9. Request a registration approval for executive position from the Office of the Higher Education Commission.
10. Coordinate and respond to discussions in regard to compliance with rules, announcements, or regulations.
11. Assess internal control as defined in Personnel Division.
12. Supervise, monitor, and report information regarding integrity and transparency assessment (ITA) in the operations of government agencies as defined in Personnel Division.