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Recruitment and Appointment Workload

1. Coordinate agencies to recruit new instructors and personnel in case of available vacancy.
2. Recruit people to work in case of available vacancy or a new vacancy is approved.
3. Arrange an examination or selection of personnel.
4. Assign and appoint, recruit university staff, government employees, and contract personnel.
5. Take an experiment to perform official duties/works.
6. Proceed a resignation from the government service/a job leave.
7. Proceed an available vacancy in accordance with the framework of government officers, university staff, and contract personnel.
8. Accept a transfer and commit a transfer, and take government officers or university staff on loan.
9. Transfer – transpose government positions and university staff.
10. Adjust qualifications of government officers and university staff.
11. Operate social security of personnel.
12. Prepare salary budgeting and fiscal budgeting operations.
13. Arrange annual health checkup for personnel.
14. Conduct a meeting for the university personnel management committee.
    14.1 Prepare an agenda and the minutes of the university personnel management committee.
    14.2 Attend a meeting with the university personnel management committee.
    14.3 Report resolutions of the committee to all related parties.
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