Personnel Records and Gratification

Personnel Records and Gratification Workload

1. Request to add a qualification in registration records.  
2. Request to change first name or last name, add a spouse or a divorce.
3. Provide an identification service.
4. Proceed an annual salary postponement.
5. Consider qualifications of international graduates (The United States of America, Canada, United Kingdoms, Australia, Japan, and AIT)
6. Make a request to a Thai monarch for The Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant, The Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand, The Most Admirable Order of the Direkgunabhorn, Honorary Pins, Dusadee Mala Medal Medal, and Arts and Sciences Pins. 
7. Proceed educational certifications. 
8. Proceed retirement operations. 
9. Request pension and living allowance for government officers, retired government offices, and permanent employees. 
10. Proceed the management for the Government Pension Fund (GPF). 
11. Proceed the management for the Government Permanent Employee Registered Provident Fund (GPEF). 
12. Prepare statistical data for government officers, university staff, government employees, permanent employees, and contract personnel. 
13. Record personnel information in registration records.